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Cars 2 (ost)
Artist: Various
UPC: 00050087169121
Label: Universal Music Group
Genre: Soundtracks & Scores
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Product Type: Compact Disc
Released: June 2011
Additional Information
Weight: 0.20 lbs
Track Listing
1 You Might Think
2 Cars 2, film score: Cranking Up the Heat
3 Cars 2, film score: Towkyo Takeout
4 Cars 2, film score: Tarmac the Magnificent
5 Cars 2, film score: Whose Engine Is This?
6 Cars 2, film score: History's Biggest Loser Cars
7 Cars 2, film score: Mater of Disguise
8 Cars 2, film score: Porto Corsa
9 Cars 2, film score: The Lemon Pledge
10 Cars 2, film score: Mater's Getaway
11 Cars 2, film score: Mater Warns McQueen
12 Collision of Worlds
13 Cars 2, film score: Going to the Backup Plan
14 Cars 2, film score: Mater's the Bomb
15 Cars 2, film score: Blunder and Lightning
16 Cars 2, film score: The Other Shoot
17 Cars 2, film score: Axlerod Exposed
18 Cars 2, film score: The Radiator Springs Gran Prix
19 Cars 2, film score: The Turbomater
20 [CD-ROM Track]
21 Mon cour fait vroum [My Heart Goes Vroom]
22 Nobody's Fool
23 Polyrhythm
24 Cars 2, film score: Turbo Transmission
25 Cars 2, film score: It's Finn McMissile!
26 Cars 2, film score: Mater the Waiter
27 Cars 2, film score: Radiator Reunion
Release Date : 06/14/2011
General Description : Performer
Muze Genre-sub class : Rock & Pop
Number of Discs : 1
Running Time : 63 minutes 24 seconds
Performance Recorded : Studio
Misc Note : Recording information: Blackbird Studio; Capitol Studios; Eldorado Recording Studios; Poolhouse Studios; Skywalker Sound; Station West; The Village Recorder; The Yellow House; Warner Brothers Eastwood Scoring Stage. The sequel to Disney's 2006 Academy Award-nominated animated adventure Cars, the appropriately titled Cars 2, finds the misfit group of four-wheeled buddies heading overseas for a little international adventure. The film's soundtrack reflects these changes, swapping out previous maestro Randy Newman with the extremely capable Michael Giacchino, and front-loading the collection with five very different pop songs. Weezer kicks things off with a solid, if way too literal, rendition of the Cars' "You Might Think," followed by a Brad Paisley two-fer that includes a clever "you say tomato, I say tomahto"-style, Nashville-meets-Europe jam called "Collision of Worlds" with British singer/songwriter Robbie Williams, and "Nobody's Fool," midtempo exposition piece that's custom-made for a heartfelt character montage. Also included is a light and airy piece from French superstar B‚nabar and a club-ready dance-pop gem from Japanese power pop outfit Perfume called "Polyrhythm." ~ James Christopher Monger