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America:story Of Us
Artist: Artist Not Provided
UPC: 00733961223040
Studio: A & E Home Video
Genre: History & Culture - America
Screen: Standard screen
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Product Type: Blu-Ray
Released: September 2010
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Annotation: Surveys the history of the U.S., featuring key historical events presented through live-action re-enactments and computer-generated animation.
Additional Information
Rating: NR
Number of discs: 3
Weight: 0.38 lbs
Info: Standard screen, Box Set, Soundtrack English
Detailed Product Description: Video
In Print Date : 2010-09-14
Run Time : 32400
Recording Mode : (unknown)
Noise Reduction : (unknown)
Digital Process : (unknown)
Feature : Color
In Print Date : 2010-09-14
Rating : Not Rated
Category : Television, Education/General Interest, World History/Culture, Television/TV Series
Original Release Year : 2013
Released By : A&E Home Video
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Synopsis: Cited as the single most elaborate and ambitious documentary miniseries ever created under the auspices of the History Channel network, AMERICA: THE STORY OF US offers a sweeping and comprehensive chronicle of the individuals, events and philosophies that shaped the United States. The twelve-part program spans four centuries, from the early 1700s into the volatile first decade of the 21st century, and covers milestones including, the erection of the transcontinental railway, construction of the very first steel skyscrapers, and the 1969 moon landing. The narrative approach involves filtering these seminal occurrences through the eyes of the various citizens who experienced them, such as frontiersmen, slaves, immigrants and inventors. Numerous celebrity participants also turn up to share their thoughts on America itself, and what being an American means - including Buzz Aldrin, Meryl Streep, Melissa Etheridge, Donald Trump and others.
Release Note: Blu-ray Disc Features: Region [unknown] Note: Disc 1: Additional Scenes on American Revolution, Declaration of Independence, George Washington Disc 2: Additional Scenes on Civil War, Transcontinental Railroad, The Statue of Liberty, Henry Ford and the Model T Audio: DTS HD Master Audio - English