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Artist: Dr. Seuss
UPC: 00883929210862
Studio: Warner Brothers
Genre: Children's Video
Screen: Standard screen
    OUR PRICE: $9.91  
Product Type: DVD
Released: July 2016
* Not available - Not in print at this time *Annotation: "The now remorseful Oncer-ler our faceless, bodiless narrator – tells the story of himself. Long ago this enterprising villain chanced upon a place filled with wondrous Truffula Trees, Swomee-Swams, Brown Bar-ba-loots, and Humming-Fishes. Bewitched by the beauty of the Trufula Tree tufts, he greedily chops them down to produce & mass-market Thneeds. As the trees swiftly disappear and the denizens leave for greener pastures, the fuzzy yellow repeatedly warns the Once-ler, but his words of wisdom are for naught. Thus, Dr. Seuss teaches readers not to fool with Mother Nature. But as you might expect from Seuss, all hope is not lost – the Once-ler has saved a single Truffula Tree seed! And fate now rests in the hands of a caring child."
Additional Information
Rating: NR
Runtime: 25 mins
Weight: 0.20 lbs
Info: Animated, Color, Standard screen, Additional Footage, Soundtrack English, English Subtitles, Deluxe Edition, Include Digital Copy, Remastered
Detailed Product Description: Video
In Print Date : 2012-02-14
Run Time : 1500
Recording Mode : (unknown)
Noise Reduction : (unknown)
Digital Process : (unknown)
Feature : Color
In Print Date : 2012-02-14
Rating : Not Rated
Extra Info : Deluxe Edition
Category : Childrens, Animated, Adventure, Series, Children, Recommended, Family (General)
Original Release Year : 1972
Released By : Warner Home Video
Area : USA
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Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
Director:Hawley Pratt Director, THE LORAX
Composer:Dean Elliott
Voice:Bob Holt
Writer and Conception:Dr. Seuss American Children's Writer, HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS
Narrator:Eddie Albert Oliver Wendall Douglas from TV's "Green Acres"
Synopsis: This program features two of the beloved animated Dr. Seuss cartoons from the 1970s. In the first, the lovable Lorax tries to save the beautiful trees from the greedy Once-Ler. The second, PONTOFFEL POCK & HIS MAGIC PIANO, begins as poor Pontoffel's unfortunate mishap at the pickle factory makes him feel like a complete failure. Enter McGillicuddy, a sprightly fairy who provides Pontoffel with a magic piano that takes him anywhere at the touch of a button. Of course, this only complicates matters, sending Pontoffel on a journey full of adventure and romance during which he gets completely lost.
Release Note: DVD Features: Region 1 Note: The Lorax: The Trees! The Trees! The Voice of the Trees featurette: There is a Lorax in all of us! A voice of the trees! But it's more than the Truffula trees indeed. Learn about trees from across the world and their importance in our daily lives Two Dr. Seuss animated stories: Pontoffel Pock & His Magic Piano Butter Battle Book Dual Layer Full Frame - 1.33 Audio: English, Spanish Subtitles - Spanish