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Driving Rain
Artist: Mccartney, Paul
UPC: 00888072321779
Label: Hear Music/Universal
Genre: Popular Music
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Product Type: Compact Disc
Released: July 2011
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Info: Reissued
Track Listing
1 Lonely Road
2 About You
3 Heather
4 Back In the Sunshine Again
5 Your Loving Flame
6 Riding Into Jaipur
7 Rinse the Raindrops
8 [Untitled] - (remix)
9 From a Friend to a Friend
10 She's Given Up Talking
11 Driving Rain
12 I Do
13 Tiny Bubble
14 Magic
15 Your Way
16 Spinning On an Axis
Release Date : 07/05/2011
General Description : Performer
Muze Genre-sub class : Rock & Pop
Number of Discs : 1
Running Time : 67 minutes 10 seconds
Performance Recorded : Studio
Review Expert : Rolling Stone (11/22/01, p.86) - 4 stars out of 5 - "...DRIVING RAIN exploits his [bass-playing genius] to the fullest with fuss-free arrangements that magnify the interplay of a decent little 4-piece rock&roll band comprising 3 relative unknowns and a one living legend..." Spin (1/02, p.108) - 7 out of 10 - "...Brilliant..." Entertainment Weekly (11/16/01, p.172) - "...Faithful fans will get a kick out of hearing Paul at his loosest..." - Rating: B Q (12/01, p.140) - 3 stars out of 5 - "...Carries no clutter or pointless adornment...but he's hardly gone lo-fi..." Mojo (Publisher) (1/02, p.71) - Ranked #31 in Mojo's "Best [40] Albums of 2001". Mojo (Publisher) (12/01, p.100) - "...A satisfying, and often very moving, body of work..."
Misc Note : Includes special bonus track "Freedom," as performed at The Madison Square Garden Concert in New York City in tribute to those who died in the WTC disaster. Personnel includes: Paul McCartney (vocals, guitar, piano, bass); James McCartney (guitar, percussion); Rusty Anderson (guitar, background vocals); Ralph Morrison (violin); Gabe Dixon (keyboards, background vocals); Abe Laboriel, Jr. (drums, percussion, background vocals); David Kahne (programming). Recorded at Henson Recording Studio, Los Angeles, California. Personnel: Paul McCartney (vocals, guitar, piano, bass guitar); David Kahne (guitar, synthesizer, programming); Rusty Anderson (guitar, background vocals); Gabe Dixon (keyboards, background vocals); Abe Laboriel, Jr. (drums, percussion, background vocals). Recording information: Henson Recording Studios, LA. Photographers: Heather Mills; Paul McCartney. Who would have guessed that more than three decades after the Beatles breakup, Paul McCartney--often typecast as the least daring of the group--would be turning out some of the most aggressive, forthright music of any of his peers. DRIVING RAIN's predecessor RUN DEVIL RUN was an energetic romp through '50s rockabilly tunes, and here McCartney takes the vital spirit engendered on that album and applies to a batch on new compositions. The opening track "Lonely Road" is a hard-hitting blues-rocker driven by gritty guitar and soulful vocals. The graceful ballads "From a Lover to a Friend" and "I Do" make fine use of McCartney's Beatles-era harmonic vocabulary. The sensual insinuations of the R&B groove on "Tiny Bubble" suggest vintage Al Green updated with hip-hop influenced rhythms. "About You" and the closing cut "Rinse the Raindrops" are driven by the kind of cutting guitar and fevered keyboards that will be most familiar to fans of "She's a Woman" and "I'm Down" from Macca's golden age. This is the first batch of new songs McCartney released after the death of his wife Linda, and one can hear him going through the whole cycle of coping, from grief to anger, through understanding, and finally acceptance. Those moods color the songs here with very visceral emotions and infectious humanity.